Online Ball Screw Specs

For the artisans, mechanics, manufacturers and builders out there, these are brief specs on ready-made assemblies, ready to be shipped out to them the moment they place their order, these days online. But before there is any thought of shipping to any corner of the globe, a discussion can be conducted online in regard to the design of custom made ball screw assemblies as per the customers’ own specifications.

In the meantime, if you’re satisfied with a readymade package that includes the ball nut and ball screw, here are some of the specs available. Here are brief characteristic highlights of your pre-prepared ball screw assemblies. One company, for example, can offer commercial clients well over five hundred polished double or single nut ball screw assemblies. For the benefit of global clients, the option is there to go Imperial or metric.

Currently, metric sizes are being compartmentalized in grades of 3, 5 and 7, 300mm as compared to 12 inches. Further options are gathered between low and high speeds, accompanied by low and high loads, respectively. Strict manufacturing criteria requires that every single nut is ‘internally precision ground’ with the pleasing result being that ball screws operate quietly and smoothly. Other specialist size options include miniature prep and fast lead.

While assemblies can be ready to go, there will still be an optional assembly of components. Further, and just to reiterate for the benefit of customers wishing to present the manufacturers with their own specs, custom preloads will be done as well. There is always a variety of end supports available to clients of all commercial and industrial categories. Commercial and industrial clients can choose between standard and custom made flange types, end machining and nose thread adapters.

ball screw assemblies

And that, in a nut, is your brief specs on your ball screw assemblies.