How to Tell if Your Roof is Leaking

A leaking roof is a disaster waiting to happen. It can leave you with damaged property and considerable expenses. But, finding the leak is not easy. The roof is huge and the leak oftentimes stats off as a small, unsuspecting spot that is nearly invisible to the eye. Even when it rains, it may not be simple to detect the actual starting point of the leak. However, there are many signs that help determine if your home has a leak. If you notice the signs or suspect a leak, it is essential to phone a portland roofing company for service at once.

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You can take a pair of binoculars to look on the roof from the ground, however, this is not the best solution to detect a leak. It is best to crawl on top of the roof to get the best view. Keep in mind, however, that a leak may not always be on top of the roof and may lurk underneath the surface instead. If you get on top of the roof, bring a flashlight to help you follow marks that indicate a leak. The leak usually isn’t found directly where the water is dripping in. Water will travel down a path to find vulnerable spots to drip down.

If you notice brown stains on the walls or ceiling inside the home, this is indication there is a leak that you need to take care of before it becomes a major problem. Professional roofers are standing by to assist with any and all of your roofing needs. They bring the expertise to the job that you need to get rid of a leaking roof. Do not waste any time dealing with a leak that can devastate the house when professionals are close by to help.